How Nemasys works


Applications of Nemasys® L contain nematodes in their vigorously infective stage. These aggressive organisms actively seek out vine weevil larvae and enter them through natural body openings. Once inside they release symbiotic bacteria, quickly killing the insect pest. Then the nematodes reproduce inside the insect and release a new generation of infective juveniles, which disperse in search of further prey.

Low Temperature Activity

The nematodes in Nemasys® L have the added advantage of being low temperature tolerant. Nemasys® L will work at temperatures as low as 5ºC (41ºF), allowing applications to be made whenever the pest is active.


Each Nemasys® L pack contains infective juvenile nematodes in a moist, inert carrier. When mixed with water, the nematodes readily form a suspension that is easily applied to the crop. Unopened packs may be stored in a refrigerator (do not freeze) up to the expiration date printed on each pack.