The Problem


Black Vine Weevil
(Otiorhynchus sulcatus)

The black vine weevil is one of the most serious insect pests of nursery stock. Adult weevils (above left) feed at night, producing telltale notches around the edges of leaves (above right) and flowers.

However, it is the voracious root feeding larvae that cause the devastating losses. There is often little indication that plants are being damaged until they are severely weakened and dying. This, coupled with the unpredictability of pest attack, makes vine weevil control difficult.

Vine weevils attack a variety of plants; however, slow growing species unable to compensate for the loss of root tissue suffer the greatest damage (e.g. rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, herbaceous perennials, some bedding plants, such as primula and polyanthus, and some pot plants like cyclamen and fuschia).